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A - Linear Diffusers and Grilles

Custom Flow Linear

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Custom flow is engineered to meet the stringent needs of applications that require engineered air performance and clean integration. Price can create complex shapes, curves and concealed options for the most demanding architectural applications.

Designed for applications that are exposed to heavy traffic, linear bar grilles are installed in side walled, sill or the floor. They can be used for supply or return air in heating, cooling or ventilating applications.

Linear enclosures are a functional linear design suitable for enclosing convectors, radiators and forced air heating.

Linear slot diffusers are designed to satisfy architectural concepts that require a continuous length application. It provides a 180 degree range of air pattern adjustment and complete flow rate control.

Utilizing flexible duct connections they are designed to save on-site fabrication and field labour. It is an economical block-ended design that provides less spread and is generally longer throws.

For use in continuous lengths, the fixed louvers provide positive air deflection in 1 way or 2 way air patterns. Suitable for supply and return applications in ceiling and side walls.

The universal plenum is designed to fit Price custom flow and linear bar diffuser products.

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