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D - Grilles & Registers

A range of duct mounted accessories such as normal and heavy duty dedmpers that nicely complement vast selection of Price grilles and registers.

Industrial/Special application feature heavy duty construction that can withstand frequent adjustments, high velocity, high air volumes, turbulent supply and return air, as well as contaminants in the air stream.


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Nozzles, similar to the drum louver, achieves a very long air projection due to its depth and geometry.

Security Products

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Security grilles are grilles that have been designed in response to various security requirements for different air distribution requirements.


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Standard grilles have an air outlet that will create an air pattern in the occupied space condusive to the comfort of the occupant. Types include single and double defelection supply; egg crate, perforated, and louvered returns.

Products Matching Your Selection

150 Series

1-1/2 inch Blade Industrial Louvered Face Grille

300 Series

3 inch Blade Industrial Louvered Face Grille

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