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Security Products

Duct barrier grilles can be applied to create restrictions in any wall openings. The maximum allowable opening is 6” x 12” through the grille.

Fixed louver grilles allow air to be distributed in a specific pattern and can also be used to obstruct vision into the ductwork. Louvers are available in 0, 15, 45 degree angles.

Lattice face security grilles provide up to 3 tiers of steel construction for maximum resistance to penetration. Grilles are made of lighter gage material for an economical solution in lower security area.

Perforated face grilles feature a highly effective free area while restricting admission and storage of contraband.

Risk resistant ceiling diffusers feature an injury inhibiting core which uses a patented w-shaped blade which provides effective air distribution in a variety of discharge patterns.

Risk resistant grilles provide air distribution while reducing the ability of inmates to inflict injury by way of the air outlet. Complex cores and small perforated faces are two means of achieving this.

Screened face security grilles provide high air volumes in applications where increased duct security is a concern. Optional barrier bars and mounting options allow these grilles to be suitable for medium security.

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