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Airfoil Series

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Airfoil series grilles and registers feature premium quality extruded aluminum construction.

Heavy duty gym grilles are available in 0° or 45° louver deflection and in steel or aluminum construction. These grilles are specifically designed for use in gymnasiums or other rugged use areas.

Lattice face grilles are available for air distribution, architectural applications, and security covers. They can be fabricated in a choice of materials to suit the desired application.

Louvered/Perforated face can be economically supplied in steel, aluminum or stainless steel for almost any application.

Reversible core grilles are a sidewall supply grille. The adjustable air pattern can be used for heating or cooling applications without changing the grille’s appearance.

Standard filter return 9s available in steel or aluminum construction. It has been designed for quick access to 1” (25) or 2" (51) filter media and for complete grille removal to aid in cleaning.

Transfer/Door grilles are a complete line of steel and aluminum louvered core door/transfer grilles with a variety of mounting styles for sightproof and lightproof applications.

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