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E - Critical Environments

The air curtain, generated by the linear slot diffusers, serves as a barrier of clean air between the surgical zone and the "old" air in the room perimeter. This prevents contamination by any particulates which may be recirculating in the room.

Ceiling Systems are a grid ceiling system with integral gasket that prevents air leakage between the ceiling plenum and the occupied space preventing the flow of contaminants into or out of the clean zone.

Displacement diffusers are designed to deliver conditioned air effectively to large, open spaces with exceptional penetration, while maintaining low air velocities required for occupant comfort.

Price Fan Filter Units are fan powered diffusers with integrated high efficiency filters for critical applications requiring additional static pressure boost.

These diffusers are designed to entrain room air and mix it with clean supply, removing particle contamination through mixing and "dilution" through low-level exhaust grilles.

Price laminar flow diffusers are used to ensure a clean, unidirectional airflow in the critical spaces of research, industry and medical facilities.

Price radial flow diffusers are high capacity outlets with short throws and one or two-way discharge patterns well-suited to minimization of airborne particle entrainment.

Price single and double deflection louvered face return grilles can be economically supplied in steel, aluminum or stainless steel for almost any application.

Products Matching Your Selection

AMDC Series

Louvered Face Directional Diffuser with Filter

RFDC Series

Radial Flow Diffuser with High Efficiency Filter

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