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I - Underfloor Products

Linear floor grilles come in different models to accommodate a range of configurations. Well suited for perimeter applications or in raised floors, these units deliver air to the space at low noise levels without the use of nozzles.

Linear floor heaters are designed for raised floor applications and are ideal for perimeter ventilation.

Round floor diffusers offer different discharge air flow patterns depending upon the space configuration.

Underfloor controllers include the UMC1 and UMC3 for interior zones, and the UMCB for perimeter zones requiring heating.

Underfloor deflection grilles serve as a supply diffuser for underfloor air channels. The grilles will evenly disperse air from high velocity ductwork into the floor plenum.

Underfloor terminal units are designed to provide cool or heated air into an occupied space in response to a control signal. The clean and efficient design of these fan terminal units results in a system component that has low noise generation for quiet operation.

Products Matching Your Selection

DGD Series

Underfloor Deflection Grille with Damper

UMC3 Series

Underfloor Modulating Controller 3 with BACnet

UMCB Series

Underfloor Modulating Controller with BACnet

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