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J - Displacement Ventilation

Ceiling mounted diffusers provide high quality air to the occupied zone with superior thermal comfort while maximizing available floor space.

Floor mounted diffusers create a horizontal, low turbulance flow that achieves a high comfort level for the occupants.

Free standing diffusers offer 1, 2, 3 and 4 way air supply and are unique choices for standalone applications. They can be easily integrated into architectural features or designed as focal points. Rigid construction makes them ideal for gyms and industrial areas.

In-wall diffusers can be used in a wide variety of applications, including offices, schools, and architecturally driven projects, such as theatres, lobbies, and healthcare facilities.

Industrial diffusers are intended for use in production and work areas where it is not always possible to locate the diffusers near the occupied zone.

Linear enclosure diffusers are designed for perimeter applications, providing a low velocity horizontal displacement air pattern for cooling, and can include heat via a hydronic heating element or electric heater. They are an ideal perimeter solution for offices and schools.

Wall mounted diffusers supply fresh, clean air directly into the occupied zone and offer traditional displacement style. They can be easily integrated into architectural features or blended into a space.

Products Matching Your Selection

DF1C Series

Rectangular 1 Way Corner Displacement Diffuser

DF1R Series

1 Way Displacement Diffuser for Recessed Applications

DFXi Series

Rectangular Industrial Displacement Diffuser

DLE-H Series

Displacement Linear Enclosure with Integral Heater

DR90H Series

Quarter Round Horizontal 90° Displacement Diffuser

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