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M - Silencers & Acoustic Panels

Absorptive Silencers

(5 Sub-sections)

Absorptive silencers are designed to provide solutions to noise control applications by providing several variations of internal geometrics. Each silencer model has been developed to maximize insertion loss while minimizing system pressure drops.

Air transfer silencers are available in a wide range of configurations that provide a solution for controlling air transfer sound and undesirable return air noise.

Film Lined Silencers

(3 Sub-sections)

Film lined silencers are designed with a thin polymer film liner that protects the acoustic media from moisture and airborne contaminants that may be present in the duct systems.

Packless Silencers

(4 Sub-sections)

Packless silencers are designed to provide solutions where fibrous acoustic material is not permitted in the airstream. The aerodynamically designed internal geometry maximizes attenuation and limits added pressure drop.

Price Panels and Enclosures are ideal for use in barriers and enclosures in applications such as test cells, pumps, generator sets and more. It is an economical solution to control unwanted noise at the source.

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