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Beth Am Shalom

This New Jersey sanctuary employed displacement ventilation behind custom architectural grilles to avoid overhead ducting and take advantage of energy savings.

California ISO

The new California ISO Headquarters utilized Price Displacement Ventilation and Underfloor Air Distribution to help achieve LEED Platinum status.

Cercle Moliere

Theatre Cercle Moliere employed Price CFD analysis to verify a unique curtain-plenum design and improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Kauffman Center for The Performing Arts

Carefully integrated Displacement and Underfloor systems allowed Price to meet the demanding aesthetic requirements of the Kauffman Center, resulting in a stunning symphony of architecture and air.

Manitoba Hydro Place

Displacement ventilation improved energy efficiency and integrated seamlessly into this architecturally stunning LEED platinum office building.

Mixed Use Luxury Building

This case study highlights how an acoustic enclosure with rectangular silencers reduced rooftop equipment noise on a mixed use building in NYC.

Ogden High School

A school's air distribution system is a key component in creating a safe, comfortable learning environment. Ogden High School in Utah took this into account and incorporated Price Active Beams into their cafeteria renovation and commons area addition.

San Francisco Airport

Integration of custom displacement diffusers to meet the challenge of supplying superior indoor air quality in an energy efficient manner while maintaining the architectural design vision for the terminal.

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