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Beams Overview

Price Active and Passive Beams use water to transport energy through a building, resulting in a smaller mechanical footprint and significant energy savings.

Genesis Fan Powered Terminal Units

The Price Genesis terminals are the most durable, easily accessible, energy efficient and quiet operating terminals available on the market today. Offering outstanding advantages for owners, engineers and facility managers, The Genesis is the terminal unit of preference for any HVAC application.

Price Analog Controller (PAC)

Price PAC analog electronic controls are an ideal option for small to medium-sized stand alone VAV applications. Each Price PAC controller comes preconfigured from the factory with pre-set air flow ranges and thermostat setpoint ranges.

Price Intelligent Controller (PIC)

The Price Intelligent Controller (PIC) is a cutting edge control package that offers a new level of zone control. The PIC combines the accuracy of direct digital control with the flexibility of an individual room system, providing maximum control and efficiency.

Price Rooftop Unit Controller

This state-of-the-art proportional integral (PI) digital controller is a reliable and technologically advanced system that provides occupant comfort and energy savings throughout an entire facility.

SMX Diffusers

The Price SMX louvered face high induction directional diffuser has been designed to solve difficult cooling load problems by providing rapid mixing and tight horizontal air patterns to ensure maximum comfort in the space.

Varitherm Diffusers

The Price Varitherm® is a thermally powered VAV self-modulating diffuser featuring a specialized linkage design for optimal zone temperature control in a stand-alone package. Using thermal actuators, occupants are able to control their individual space independent of surrounding zones.

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