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Basics of HVAC

The basics of HVAC covers the fundamental of a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System. This module also helps illustrate the importance of an HVAC system in a building design.

Comfort Criteria

From an HVAC design point of view, it is important to understand comfort criteria to ensure your occupants' well-being.

Space Air Diffusion

In order to be an effective HVAC designer, you must know how air is distributed and moves around in a room. In this training module, we'll cover the fundamentals of space air diffusion.

Pressure Measurement

The pressure measurement training module covers the most important elements of pressure and how it relates to air distribution.

Noise Control

Noise Control fundamentals covers everything from the basic of noise control to specific noise control related HVAC consideration.

Air Outlet Selection

For any HVAC system to be effective, Air Outlet Selection is a crucial component. This training module offers a concise approach to the proper selection of outlets. Explore the benefits and features of the options available, and experiment with them in the interactive portions of the module.

Displacement Ventilation

Displacement Ventilation is a relatively new concept in North America. Watch this extensive Training Module to learn more about the unique benefits of Displacement Ventilation.

Underfloor Air Distribution

Underfloor Air Distribution provides an effective method of obtaining excellent air quality and thermal comfort in the occupied space. Explore the concept behind it, its benefits and how it compares to other air distribution systems in this extensive Price Training Module.

Variable Air Volume Diffusers

VAV self-modulating diffusers can monitor individual space conditions and adjust airflow to satisfy each occupant’s comfort. They are an excellent choice for offices, boardrooms and other small zones.

Terminal Silencers

This unit discusses the problems that can arise when configuring close coupled silencers and how to solve them. Price is pleased to introduce two innovative terminal unit assemblies with close-coupled silencers, which have been engineered, fully tested and designed for noise sensitive applications.

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