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Introduction to Underfloor Air Distribution

October 2014 – Underfloor air distribution delivers a higher level of future flexibility than any other air distribution system. It also provides opportunities for energy use reductions, improvements in indoor air quality and occupant comfort, and individual zone control for a completely customizable air distribution solution. These features make underfloor air distribution an excellent choice for commercial, educational, performing arts, and retail applications.

All-In-One Engineering Edition Orientation Webinar

September 2014 – The All-In-One software offers a wide range of functionality and performance calculations across the entire Price catalog of products. This webinar offers an overview designed to help you gain a high level understanding of how to navigate and utilize the various features and calculations within the software.

Concepts and Designs for Underfloor Air Distribution

September 2014 – The energy efficiency, high air quality, low noise, occupant comfort and design flexibility of underfloor air distribution systems make them an excellent match for a variety of applications. Office buildings, educational facilities, libraries, casinos, performing art centers and more can benefit from the highly customizable and elegant design afforded by a raised floor air distribution system.

Architectural Acoustics 101

June 2014 - The presentation will provide you with a solid overview of building acoustics, including a basic overview of sound, relevant terminology, and design considerations to properly address noise. Specific topics of interest include noise isolation, sound absorption, LEED considerations, and industry accepted guidelines.

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