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Resources Matching Your Selection

All-In-One Engineering Edition Orientation Webinar

September 2014 – The All-In-One software offers a wide range of functionality and performance calculations across the entire Price catalog of products. This webinar offers an overview designed to help you gain a high level understanding of how to navigate and utilize the various features and calculations within the software.

Concepts and Designs for Underfloor Air Distribution

September 2014 – The energy efficiency, high air quality, low noise, occupant comfort and design flexibility of underfloor air distribution systems make them an excellent match for a variety of applications. Office buildings, educational facilities, libraries, casinos, performing art centers and more can benefit from the highly customizable and elegant design afforded by a raised floor air distribution system.

Architectural Acoustics 101

June 2014 - The presentation will provide you with a solid overview of building acoustics, including a basic overview of sound, relevant terminology, and design considerations to properly address noise. Specific topics of interest include noise isolation, sound absorption, LEED considerations, and industry accepted guidelines.

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