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Price's UFAD Team Launches ModuFlex System Solutions

By Matt Bhumbla - Product Manager, Underfloor Systems

Price’s Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) team has recently developed the new easy-to-apply ModuFlex system, providing zone-based solutions through a combination of UFAD and control components. Projects with raised access floors and underfloor air systems typically require flexibility, energy efficiency and improved IEQ; ModuFlex’s zone solutions have been strategically designed to provide a modular solution that optimizes energy usage and IEQ. ModuFlex leverages Price’s rigorously-tested UFAD floor outlets to ensure occupant comfort and native BACnet microprocessor controllers to ensure proper control. Together, these components provide a modular system that is easy to remodel and reconfigure and can communicate with the existing Building Management System.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-apply zone-based solutions
  • Combines Price’s years of occupant comfort experience with cutting edge system controls
  • Thoroughly tested controls for reliable network integration
  • Modular solution that optimizes energy efficiency and IEQ
  • Ability to customize the solution to fit your unique needs

Please review the ModuFlex Underfloor Air Distribution System brochure to learn more about our system solution and how we can help you design and layout your next underfloor project. Our application support team can be reached at to address any questions and provide layout / design assistance.

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