March 2017, Volume 23    

By Brad Cole – Application Specialist, Controls DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

Price BACnet Commissioning Tool Software

BACnet MS/TP networks can be complex and contain devices from multiple manufacturers. The BACnet Commissioning Tool (BCT) uses both a hardware adapter and a software program to listen to the BACnet network. The BCT is designed to simplify the troubleshooting process for devices and wiring by diagnosing and pinpointing network issues such as offline devices and heavy traffic.

Figure 1: BCT network device locator

The BCT software is supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. This easy to install software is available for download at no charge at

Figure 2: BCT network analysis

Once the user selects “Start Listening” on the MS/TP Devices tab, the BCT scan function is activated and the software lists the MAC addresses of all the devices found on the segment, breaking down all device traffic. The “Last Seen” column shows the response time for each device on the network. A healthy network would have timings of up to 100ms. Longer times may indicate a potential network problem.

The MS/TP Segment Overview tab allows the user to run an analysis of the network. This scans the network for the correct number of devices and any incorrect baud rates. Segment Traffic is broken down into a graph that displays the type of data traffic.

By identifying, monitoring and analyzing all devices found on the network and determining if any are missing, the BCT effectively assists in startup and troubleshooting, reducing overall labor and maintenance time down the road.

Download the BACnet Commissioning Tool software here for your next BACnet network project.

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