April 2018, Volume 25    

By Mike Nicholson, General Manager – Price Electronics DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

Location: Edina, MN

Engineer: Emanuelson-Podas, Inc.

Interior Design Consultant: Julie Yager

Price Representative: TMS Johnson

Price Products: Terminal Units, Controls, Grilles, Diffusers

For 60 years, the engineers at Emanuelson-Podas, Inc. have brought “air, power, light and water to the places that matter” for clients across the U.S. and Canada, and have done so with a value set similar to Price: family, service and trust.

Emanuelson-Podas Offices

Emanuelson-Podas Offices

This fundamental alignment in vision and the resulting quality of work have made good partners of Emanuelson-Podas and Price in the past, including the provision of Price Intelligent Controllers (PICs) and Single Duct VAV (SDV) assemblies to a national chain of fitness centers.

Decades of working side by side with Price meant that, when it was time to gut and renovate their own 26,000 sq.ft. offices in 2016, Emanuelson-Podas trusted Price to provide them with individualized controls for each zone within their new space, selecting 19 Price SDV8s with PICs (single duct digital controlled terminal units).

While the controls are now tied into a Building Automation System (BAS), the ability to locally commission and adjust each of the SDV8s in the building via their thermostats was a top priority during the construction process, as the timeline was only 10 weeks. Price’s built-in short lead times and factory calibration and mounting made it possible to provide the SDV8s within this particularly tight timeframe, ensuring that construction could continue as scheduled. The building also includes several unique spaces beyond just offices, including a gym and an events center frequently used outside of office hours, making individualized control both a short term and a long term need for this building.

The clean and efficient design of Price’s SDV8s results in quiet operation and minimal pressure drop. Their compact configuration makes this unit especially easy to apply in retrofit spaces such as the Emanuelson-Podas offices. Emanuelson-Podas also selected a variety of Price grilles, registers and diffusers to complete the space.

Emanuelson-Podas’ new facility is reflective of their forward-thinking vision and Price is proud to have provided a system solution that will continue to match their evolving needs.

Price’s control products have been developed to the same exacting test standards as the other Price products which they are designed to complement.

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