Reimagining the Ceiling: Price SHP Diffusers Support Revolutionary Armstrong Ceilings DesignFlexTM System

July 2019, Volume 27    


For decades, commercial ceiling design reflected the most basic of shapes: the square. Commercial ceilings consist of square grid framing systems that are suspended from the building structure and positioned to form ceiling planes of tiles, fixtures and utilities while concealing the wiring, communication lines, ductwork and more that run above them.

These square ceilings, typically in shades of white, have dominated the industry of commercial interiors for many practical reasons: their color and shape make them easy to install and incorporate into designs. Their symmetry promotes a consistent and organized aesthetic.

In recent years, though, there has been a remarkable shift in approach. Many believe that these simple, square patterns lack imagination; frankly, they feel that white ceilings are boring. Building owners are increasingly aware of the value of offering their tenants creative, productivity-inspiring and aesthetically satisfying spaces. Similarly, retail owners understand the importance of visual appeal in driving customer traffic to their stores.

Price’s Shaped Diffusers (SHP) geometric diffuser series integrates into the DesignFlex™ system to create an iconic space and a lasting statement

Very few companies are positioned to capitalize on this interior design trend and drive innovation like Armstrong Ceilings. As an aspirational name brand in commercial architectural interiors, Armstrong Ceilings owns more than a 50% market share in North America and is Basis of Design 90% of the time. One could argue that the weight of their influence actually drives trends in the architectural space.

In May 2018, Armstrong Ceilings turned the architectural industry on its head by releasing a revolutionary system for suspended ceilings called DesignFlexTM, which is composed of a variety of geometric shapes in any desired color instead of simply the standard white squares of decades past.

Early in the development process, Armstrong Ceilings engaged several strategic partners to develop functional and easily-integrated fixtures, one of which is Price. Price has developed the Shaped Diffusers (SHP) geometric diffuser series for integration into DesignFlexTM ceiling systems, and has released catalog pages, performance data, submittals and product specifications to support this new offering which are available here.

Intended for iconic spaces where architects need to make a lasting statement, the DesignFlexTM ceiling system combines creative flexibility and stunning visual appeal. Price is proud to have enabled the industry’s largest commercial architectural manufacturer to release a complete ceiling system, one that will effectively create an entire new branch of the commercial architectural industry.

The DesignFlexTM partnership was the first product codevelopment initiative undertaken by Price and Armstrong Ceilings. We are now integrated into the Armstrong Ceilings product release cadence, and will be developing incorporable products on a bi-annual basis in conjunction with their product release cycle.

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