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An overview of Linkersoft2 program and available software download.

Hardware Connection

A diagram showcasing the hardware connections between the Linker device and Price products.


View a full list of features and capabilities for the Linkersoft2 program.


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What is Linkersoft2?

Linkersoft2 is used to setup and calibrate Price Controls on the field or warehouse/factory. This cutting edge software connects through a USB to RJ12 LINKER2 circuit boards. The Linker2 red circuit board is available for order through your local rep or the Price All in One software. (Product Code: LINKER2)

Product Connection Tree

The below diagram details a connection tree showcasing the Linker device's connection to a Price controller. This is useful for modifying parameters on-site, or loading in a new program to the controller.


This brochure give you a general overview of the Linkersoft2 software and lists the program's prominent features. To View or download the one page brochure, click on the links below.

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