What We Offer

Predict offers comprehensive and accurate CFD analysis using ANSYS CFX™ software.

Our team of consulting engineers bridges the gap between the air handler and the occupant by using CFD to analyze how the HVAC system interacts with the indoor environment and the occupant. Working with Predict gives you the ability to test design options, predict air distribution, verify thermal comfort and indoor air quality and validate load calculations and mechanical system sizing.

Our air distribution expertise along with the CFD results are used to optimize the placement and sizing of air distribution and conditioning equipment within the occupied space to maximize occupant comfort and minimize energy usage.


  • Affordable & Efficient

    - Conduct tests in a virtual laboratory, evaluating HVAC systems can be done faster and at a lower cost than physical testing.


    - Verify & validate comfort, air quality and load calculations.


    - Reduce need to oversize equipment by removing guesswork from design process.


    - Catch mistakes early in the design process and eliminate costly field modifications.


    - Air quality and thermal comfort can easily be verified, allowing you to ensure that the space will be comfortable and healthy for all occupants.

Where To Use CFD

It is recommended that CFD analysis be performed on difficult to design spaces within a building. It is also recommended for spaces that repeat many times throughout a building like an office (private or open) or a patient room. Generally, projects that are well suited for a CFD analysis fall into two categories: high-risk environments and challenging applications.

High-Risk Environments

High-Risk Environments

A controlled environment that requires precision control of temperature, humidity, and/or air quality in the space.

Challenging Applications

Challenging Applications

These applications might use an engineered product or a conventional system that is being applied in a large open space, or in an application that may be subject to extreme heat gains or losses.

What Makes us Unique

We are a dedicated team of engineers that are here to apply our thermal comfort and air distribution expertise to help your design succeed.

In-Depth Product Knowledge & World Class Modeling Expertise

In-Depth Product Knowledge & World Class Modeling Expertise

Our team specializes in applying CFD to indoor environments and has over 10 years of experience with a global resume of projects touching every sector of the building industry. We also have direct access to product design details and proprietary information that can be built into every CFD model for superior accuracy.

Lab-Validated Modeling

Lab-Validated Modeling

We are continually updating our modeling methods to ensure that simulated product performance matches data captured at one of the many test spaces in PRCN.

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