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Rooftop Units and Air Handlers

Price manufactures a wide range of highly configured air handling units to meet your new construction and retrofit needs.

Price offers a vast array of cooling solutions including air or water cooled DX with flexible unit configurations for any application.

To maximize energy efficiency while delivering enough outside air for your application’s ventilation requirements, Price offers a full line of energy recovery options.

Gas Fired Make-Up Air Units

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When choosing a heating solution, designers have stringent requirements regarding energy efficiency, indoor air quality (IAQ) standards, and life cycle cost. To meet these challenges, Price has developed a robust series gas fired make-up air units.

Products Matching Your Selection


Direct Fired Furnace


Drum and Tube Furnace


Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems


Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling


90% Efficient Convoluted Tube Furnace


Price RegenCore

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