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The Floor Mounted Price Active Beam, ACBC, is an exposed perimeter unit suitable for office spaces, schools, hotels, lobbies, or any application where occupant comfort demands are high. The upper portion of the ACBC induces room air to pass through a heat exchanger and mix with the primary air. The mixed air is then discharged evenly from the lower portion of the ACBC across a louvered or perforated face at a low velocity. During cooling, the cool air flows down to the floor and spreads across the occupied space. During heating, the warm air rises and will heat the perimeter. The ACBC can be used as a standalone product or can be connected in series by interlocking plenums with other ACBC units to create a continuous look.

  • 2- or 4-pipe configuration
  • Heavy gauge face
  • Quiet operation
  • Internally painted black to hide internal elements
  • Pressure port for air-side balancing and flow verification

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  • Active Beam Selection Program


    The Active Beam Selection Program is an Excel tool that makes the selection of all of our active beams easier and faster. Features include automatic selection of entire zones based on quantity or primary air.

  • Active and Passive Beams


    The Active and Passive Beams Brochure covers the wide range of Price products available for Active and Passive Beams, as well as the resources and support Price offers related to Active and Passive Beams. This brochure is designed for engineers and architects.

  • Hydronic Systems Case Study Library

    Case Studies

    This case study library highlights several projects using Price’s Active & Passive Beams, Radiant Panels or Chilled Sails products including: • Ogden High School • Gensler Los Angeles Office • Fraunhofer CSE Building Technology Showcase • 130 Bishop Allen Drive • Upper Iowa University Liberal Arts Building • Memorial Hospital & Health Care Center • Bournedale Elementary School

  • Active & Passive Beams Engineering Guide

    Engineering Guides

    Like radiant heating and cooling systems, active and passive beam systems use water as well as air to transport energy throughout the building.

  • Active & Passive Beams

    Representative Project Lists

    A representative list of projects across various geographical territories, organized by application type.

  • Beams in Schools

    Product Videos

    Price Active Beam and Induction Unit solutions are ideally suited for school applications, including both new and retrofit projects.

  • Beams Overview

    Product Videos

    Price Active and Passive Beams and Induction Units use water to transport energy through a building, resulting in a smaller mechanical footprint and significant energy savings.

  • Chilled Beams Come of Age

    Architect Focused Webinars

    April 2015 – One alternative technology to an all-air system that is gaining traction is the active chilled beam. The active chilled beam incorporates the distribution of ventilation air and uses room air induced across a water coil to transfer sensible thermal energy for both heating and cooling to the occupied space. This webinar discusses the market place acceptance of chilled beams, common questions and concerns as well as, presents several case studies.

  • Chilled Beams in Healthcare

    Architect Focused Webinars

    October 2015 – A variety of chilled beam solutions are available for many different healthcare applications. Chilled beams in healthcare can reduce system horsepower by up to 40 percent, with minimum air changes satisfied through induction. This webinar discusses the market acceptance of chilled beams in healthcare, classifies common design considerations for appropriate spaces, and reviews real-life application of chilled beams through our case studies.

  • Applications of Active and Passive Beams

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    June 2014 - We are increasingly seeing beams applied in educational facilities, office environments and even healthcare settings such as patient rooms. Learn about opportunities for the application of beams and discuss real world examples.

  • Benefits, Challenges & Integration of Chilled Beams

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    April 2015 – This presentation will discuss the concept of active chilled beams in healthcare, the common questions and concerns, the potential energy savings and the typical installation issues. Two case studies are presented for existing hospitals using active chilled beams and the impact on the patients and staff as well as the overall application of active chilled beams in hospitals is discussed.

  • Fundamentals of Active and Passive Chilled Beams

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    April 2014

  • Optimizing Active and Passive Beams

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    October 2016 - This webinar covers the design variables of a chilled beam system and how best to tune design parameters in order to achieve an efficient chilled beam system.

  • Retrofit Opportunities with Active and Passive Beams

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    January 2014

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