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The Price Deluxe ECM speed controller works with a high efficiency ECM. This low voltage (24VAC) speed control allows full manual (push button adjust) or BAS (2-10VDC signal) control of the ECM.

  • Dual outputs for controlling 2 ECMs (Note: Both motors will receive the same signal.)
  • Red three-digit digital display for reading out: a) Speed 0-100% b) Motor RPM (for motor number 1 only) c) BAS input voltage (Digital readout of incoming BAS voltage signal.)
  • Building Automation System input (2-10VDC) for remote control

LED Digital Display 

The Digital Display shows the user several modes of operation. This allows for easier and more precise field adjustment and troubleshooting. 
By pressing both the UP and DOWN push buttons at the same time the user can cycle between the following modes: 

1) Speed Adjustment – is easier and more precise with the digital display and push buttons than with a standard dial. 
2) Motor RPM – displays the real-time motor speed to aid in troubleshooting. 
3) BAS input voltage – displays the input voltage signal from the building automation system (BAS). Note: Any BAS voltage signal above 1 VDC overrides local speed control.

ECM Motor - Important Information +

Low Voltage Wiring +

Analog RPM Output Signal +

BAS Input Signal +

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