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The Price ECM speed controller is designed to interface with a high-efficiency Electronically Commutated Motor. 
 This low voltage speed controller offers either full manual dial control, automatic control (modulation signal from a terminal unit controller) or Building Automation System (BAS) control of the Electronically Commutated Motor.

Switching between the modes is easy: just apply the BAS signal and the controller will automatically switch over from manual (dial) mode to BAS mode,

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  • Control Solution Overview


  • Controls Field Commissioning Services


    This brochure highlights the field commissioning services that are offered for projects where Price Controls are installed.

  • System Controls Glossary


    The System Controls Glossary provides definitions of commonly-used control system terminology.

  • System Controls Engineering Guide

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    Representative Project Lists

  • Terminal Units with Controls - International

    Representative Project Lists

    A representative list of International projects featuring Price Terminal Units with Price Controls.

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