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Price LFDCX Series HEPA/ULPA Filter Modules are lightweight, low-profile ducted supply modules that are designed for critical environments where ultra-clean air is required. To achieve this, the LFDCX uses an integrated Dimple Pleat® media pack that is available in 2” and 4” depths depending on performance requirements.
The unit has an adjustable distribution plate that allows for minor adjustments of room-side airflow. An anodized extruded aluminum center divider provides access to this distribution plate, and also allows for the measurement of resistance and challenge aerosol. A painted expanded metal faceguard on the downstream side protects the media.

All Price LFDCX units are factory tested for filter leakage to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and safety

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  • Critical Environments


    "The Critical Environments Brochure covers the wide range of Price products available for Critical Environments as well as the resources and support Price offers related to Critical Environments. This brochure is designed for engineers and architects."

  • Factory Commissioning Services: Air Curtain System


    To guarantee optimal performance of Price Operating Room Air Curtain Solutions it is important to properly commission each system. These Price systems include HORD series perimeter slot diffusers, LFD series laminar flow diffusers and 700 series return grilles.

  • Critical Environments Case Study Library

    Case Studies

    This case study library highlights several projects using Price’s Critical Environments products including: • Tampa General Hospital • Saint Francis Hospital

  • Critical Environments Engineering Guide

    Engineering Guides

  • LFD

    Representative Project Lists

    The LFD Representative Projects List showcases various Price jobs that have implemented our Laminar Flow Diffuser product line, in completion from 2010 to 2012.

  • Price Clean Room

    Product Videos

    All Price products with high-efficiency filters are assembled and PAO tested inside the Price Cleanroom.

  • Designing Overhead Air Distribution for Increased Occupant Thermal Comfort

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    March 2016 – Recent ASHRAE research has shown the impact of lower minimum air volumes by diffuser outlet type. The impact of these lower air volumes on the occupant and the energy consumption will be explored.

  • Operating Room Application Analysis - Laminar & Air Curtain Systems

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    May 2011

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