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Price PAC analog electronic controls are an ideal option for small to medium-sized stand alone VAV applications. Each Price Analog Controller comes pre-configured from the factory with pre-set airflow ranges and thermostat set-point ranges. The PAC now eliminates the need for additional relays and switches when new strategies are required. While being an analog electric device, this controller has the functionality to accomplish any single-duct or fan-powered application in the field. Price PAC controls do not require compressed air, making them ideal for additions, renovations or retrofits. Ease of installation and low maintenance are other benefits of the Price PAC control system. Price can also provide a Linker Device with every PAC system, and easy to use free Linkersoft software. The PAC comes with the PAC Dial Stat that allows for complete control of your terminal unit. The PAC comes with several pressure independent sequences that cover a wide range of control strategies and require no additional hardware.

The PAC comes equipped with:

  • [4] 24 VAC Binary Outputs
  • [1] 0-10vdc Analog Output
  • [1] Analog Input for SAT (HCCO) Probe
  • [1] 24 VAC Binary Input for Contact Closure
  • Pre-wired damper outputs when ordered on a Terminal
  • Tstat connections for PAC Dial Stat operation (Field Wired -Terminals 1-8)

Price analog electronic controls are available on our full line of terminals including:

  • Single duct (SDV)
  • Fan powered, constant volume (FDC)
  • Fan powered, variable volume (FDV)
  • Retrofit (RDV, IDV, SRDV)

A wide variety of standard control sequences are offered for single duct units, fan powered constant volume units, and fan powered variable volume units. A list of the more common applications include:

  • Heat/cool changeover
  • 3 stage electric heat -Analog modulating reheat
  • Occupancy Override through contact closure

If changes to the PAC controller are necessary, they can quickly and easily be done with the Price Linker and Linkersoft software. Using the Price Linker, a simple connection from the service port on the PAC Dial Stat to a USB port on the user's laptop, will allow you to make these changes. Also available is the Price LCD-Setup tool, which allows users to setup the PAC using a portable service tool. This tool does not require a laptop and features easy to use menus on an LCD screen with push button interface.


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    Price PAC analog electronic controls are an ideal option for small to medium-sized stand alone VAV applications. Each Price PAC controller comes preconfigured from the factory with pre-set air flow ranges and thermostat setpoint ranges.

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