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Price has, as a primary component of its terminal unit line, the SPV (pneumatic controls), and SDV (digital controls) single duct VAV assemblies. These units are designed to control the airflow rate of conditioned air into an occupied space in response to a control signal, usually a thermostat. The clean and efficient design of these single duct terminal units results in a system component which has minimal pressure drop reducing fan horsepower require­ments, and low noise generation for quiet operation. A compact configuration makes this unit easier to use in today‘s crowded mechanical spaces or in retrofitting existing systems.

Control options for this product line are wide and varied with pneumatic, analog electronic and state-of-the-art direct digital control available to suit most any application. Most of the control options utilize the exclusive Price SP300 multipoint sensor for accurate duct air velocity pressure measure­ment. This allows the terminals to monitor the desired flow rate, as dictated by the thermostat, and com­pensate instantly for any changes in supply air pressure that might tend to alter the supply volume. In other words, the net result is a pressure indepen­dent variable air volume system.

In addition to the basic volume control assembly, a complete line of accessories is offered to meet specific job require­ments. Sound attenuators, multi-outlet adaptors, and heating coils are all available. These are factory assembled to the basic assembly for ship­ment as an integrated unit.

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