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Price RFD/RFDSS Series Radial Flow Diffusers represent a unique and effective method of air distribution in critical high-volume applications. The Price RFD features a patented design which effectively delivers large volumes of air in confined spaces with maximum comfort and low room air velocities – a situation not always possible with conventional air outlets or laminar flow panels. Typical applications include laboratories, cleanrooms, hospital rooms, animal labs, kitchens, and computer rooms.

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  • Critical Environments


    "The Critical Environments Brochure covers the wide range of Price products available for Critical Environments as well as the resources and support Price offers related to Critical Environments. This brochure is designed for engineers and architects."

  • Critical Environments Engineering Guide

    Engineering Guides

  • Price Clean Room

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    All Price products with high-efficiency filters are assembled and PAO tested inside the Price Cleanroom.

  • Designing Overhead Air Distribution for Increased Occupant Thermal Comfort

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    March 2016 – Recent ASHRAE research has shown the impact of lower minimum air volumes by diffuser outlet type. The impact of these lower air volumes on the occupant and the energy consumption will be explored.

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