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F - Terminal Units

Price offers a wide range of Control Valves to suit different applications. Our air volume control valves are designed for environments ranging from office and industrial installations with laboratory and fume hood applications in mind.

Dual Duct Terminal Units

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Dual duct terminal units have two single ducts. They can have an integral mixing section between the two supply valves or be non-mixing, with two single ducts fastened together with one common discharge opening.

Fan Powered Terminal Units

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Fan powered terminal units consist of an air inlet assembly similar to a single duct, a housing, a blower/motor assembly, a return air opening and a high voltage connection.

The induction terminal is designed to induce warm air from the ceiling plenum without a fan or blower by utilizing a variable aperture flow nozzle. When conditioned air is not required, warm air from the ceiling is introduced, increasing comfort by maintaining air flow in the room.

Price offers a range of terminal units that can be installed or retrofitted into existing applications. These terminal unit solutions are designed to replace existing terminals.

Single Duct Terminal Units

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A single duct terminal unit consists of an air inlet assembly, housing with an insulation liner and a discharge outlet.

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