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F1 - Fan Coils and Blower Coils

Horizontal blower coils are an ultra low profile solution for a variety of ducted applications that require flexibility between tradational fan coil units and a central station air handling unit.

Fan Coil Accessories

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Price offers 3 levels of valve packages to suite the hydronic control needs of various applications. All packages are available in both 2-way and 3-way configurations. Price also offers a range of control options.

Vertical fan coils are designed for concealed ducted installations furred into walls or millwork. They can also be mounted for exposed floor applications without ductwork.

Horizontal and vertical blow-through high peformance fan coils. The low noise, high capacity and pressure capability make it a good choice for a variety of applications.

Products Matching Your Selection


Blower Coil Horizontal


3 Speed Fan Motor Controller


Horizontal High Performance


Horizontal High Performance Quiet


Vertical Concealed

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