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Absorptive Silencers

Axial fan silencers are custom designed to provide noise attenuation at the source, as well as improve aerodynamic performance at the inlet and discharge of the fan.

Absorptive circular silencers achieve efficient performance by eliminating the need for square to round transitions that cause increased system pressure drop.

Absorptive elbow silencers solve the common problem of limited space while providing improved mid-frequency insertion loss. Variable internal geometries provide reliable tested pressure drop performance and maximum static regain.

The Price Legacy silencers align with many manufacturers whose catalog performance is based on specific standard reference silencer sizes. Legacy rectangular silencers are tested in the NVLAP® Accredited Price Research Center North.

Absorptive rectangular silencers offer several variations of internal geometries based on the required performance. Each rectangular absorptive silencer has been developed and tested to provide maximum attenuation with minimal pressure drop.

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