What We Offer

Price offers comprehensive and accurate CFD analysis using ANSYS CFX™ software. We also validate all boundary conditions and flow models in our in-house lab.

CFD simulations that are provided account for a wide variety of physical phenomena including turbulence, buoyancy, thermal radiation, and particle transport.

Price has the ability to analyze any type of occupied space and can provide design assistance when needed.

We also offer interactive online reviews of CFD results as well as highly experienced analysts to assist you.


  • Affordable & Efficient

    - Since CFD lets you conduct tests in a virtual laboratory, evaluating air distribution systems can be done faster and at a lower cost than completing physical testing.

  • Evaluation

    - Quickly evaluate all of the design options to find the system configuration that best meets your needs.

  • Possibilities

    - CFD lets you create and analyze HVAC system performance for any occupied space imaginable.

  • Simplicity

    - The results generated by CFD are easy to interpret and allow designers to understand how the air distribution system will work before it is installed.

  • LEED

    - Using CFD can earn your building Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.

  • Prediction

    - Air quality and thermal comfort can easily be predicted, allowing the designer to ensure that the space will be comfortable for all occupants.

  • Specialized Applications

    - CFD analysis is well-suited for analyzing large and complex spaces and emerging technologies such as displacement ventilation, chilled beams, and radiant systems.

What Makes us Unique

Design Assistance

Design Assistance

Price application engineers provide design assistance to make sure that your air distribution system exceeds your expectations. We specialize in simulating indoor environments and can ensure that the thermal comfort and air quality of your space will match your criteria.

Comprehensive and Accurate CFD Analysis

Comprehensive & Accurate CFD Analysis

At Price, we tailor the CFD results to your needs and assist you in analyzing the results. We validate all boundary conditions and flow models in-house ensuring a high degree of accuracy from our simulations.

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