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Linear Diffusers and Grilles incorporate adjustable pattern controllers in an architecturally appealing, multi-slot configuration.

Ceiling component diffusers consist of engineered plenum sections with a variety of air pattern controllers at the discharge face.

C - Ceiling Diffusers

(6 Sub-sections)

Ceiling air diffusers deliver conditioned air into an occupied space in a quiet, draft-free manner. Many models have been developed in response to specific air distribution pattern requirements.

D - Grilles & Registers

(4 Sub-sections)

The grilles and register product line include a vast assortment of styles and options to meet the needs of any HVAC application.

E - Critical Environments

(5 Sub-sections)

Air distribution in health care plays an important role in the comfort and safety of all building occupants as well as the recovery of patients.

F - Terminal Units

(6 Sub-sections)

Terminal units are used to regulate the volume of conditioned air from the central air handling device that is used to maintain thermal conditions in the occupied space. It often also maintains a minimum fresh air volume for occupancy.

Fan Coils & Blower Coils are a model of terminal unit which has the capability of providing sensible and latent cooling plus heating to a room or zone. They are particularly well suited for smaller projects where space for mechanical equipment is limited.

I - Underfloor Products

(5 Sub-sections)

Underfloor systems are a hybrid of displacement and mixing ventilation systems that are usually specifically designed to mix the occupied zone to allow air to stratify above this point. Underfloor systems allow for the effective removal of heat, pollutants and odors.

J - Displacement Ventilation

(7 Sub-sections)

Displacement ventilation is an air distribution technology that introduces cool air into a zone at low velocity, usually at a low level. It is effective at delivering fresh air to occupants and removing many of the contaminants associated with heat sources.

L - Active & Passive Beams

(2 Sub-sections)

Beam systems provide an effective method for providing heating or cooling to a space while promoting a high level of occupancy comfort and energy efficiency. Beams deliver the majority of their heating and cooling through convection, leading to a fully mixed environment.

Creating an appropriate acoustical environment is part of the overall goal for occupant comfort when designing a space. Price has many options and strategies that can be employed for locating and maximizing effectiveness of noise control products.

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