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FDCLP2-DOAS - Low Profile, Series Flow Fan Powered Terminal Unit with DOAS



The Price FDCLP2-DOAS, low profile fan powered constant volume terminal unit with sensible cooling coil option is designed to be used as part of a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) wherein a DOAS air handler is used to dehumidify and condition the outdoor air as well as handle the space latent load. By managing the space sensible load with the sensible cooling coil, the DOAS air handler can be sized to deliver only the airflow required for ventilation and latent loads, resulting in:

  • A smaller HVAC system, resulting in fan energy savings.
  • Proper humidity control at each zone.
  • Eliminating over-ventilation.

DOAS offers energy saving benefits which complement the design goals of Green/LEED buildings. Benefits include energy efficient hydronic cooling combined with reduced air volumes and air handler size. The FDCLP2 with sensible cooling coil option comes with a standard ECM motor which provides significant energy savings compared to PSC motors.

  • Unit height as low as 8 5/8 in.
  • High efficiency ECM motor
  • 20 gauge casing for added durability
  • Reinforced casing for reduced sound levels

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