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Aerodynamic Profile
The Price SP300 sensor utilizes aerodynamic principles to optimize the velocity pressure signal amplification. Strategic location of the total and static pressure ports provides the necessary amplification without the need to increase the sensor profile. An increased sensor profile can result in added noise levels and higher minimum static pressure requirements, both of which are undesirable. The Price SP300 sensor has been designed with minimum cross-section and an aerodynamic profile which has negligible pressure drop or noise contribution.

Structural Integrity
The Price SP300 has superior tensile strength compared to other flow sensors on the market. Price does not recommend lifting terminals by the airflow sensor, however, it is often a common practice in the field. With this in mind, the Price SP300 has been designed with molded reinforcement to prevent accidental handling damage.

All plastic components are Fire Resistant and meet UL 94-VO.

Control tubing is protected by grommets at the duct wall, and is securely fastened to the sensor.

The rugged construction features of the SP300 sensor ensure a trouble-free installation and reliable operation.

Optional removable SP300 Sensor is available and suggested for hospital-grade jobs where sensor needs to be removed and periodically cleaned due to build up of lint.

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