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CMT = Circular Medium Velocity Film Lined

CHT = Circular High Velocity Film Lined

Price Absorptive Circular Film Lined Silencers provide a practical solution for controlling undesirable noise in circular ductwork systems. A thin polymer film liner encapsulates the acoustic media to protect it from moisture and airborne contaminants that may be present in the duct systems. A minimal system pressure drop is maintained by utilizing the same internal geometry of the standard absorptive silencers. This internal design ensures maximum acoustical performance while minimizing system pressure drops at duct velocities as high as 8000 fpm. We build each silencer to suit the ductwork and, in turn, the application.

  • Polymer film liner encapsulates the acoustic media for added protection.
  • Acoustic standoff separates film liner from perforated metal to optimize insertion loss.
  • Eliminates costly square to round transitions.
  • Aerodynamic internal geometries minimize pressure drop and turbulence.
  • 2 in. slip connection on both ends.

CMT Silencers +

CHT Silencers +

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