Research & Innovation

Price’s commitment to research, development, innovation, and precision engineering remains the cornerstone of the company. We invest relentlessly in product development, in both differentiated niche products and standard commodity products.

Our customers have learned to count on a constant and ever-increasing stream of product enhancements as well as new products. We have a large, experienced and talented team of engineers working constantly on breakthrough product ideas. We are not afraid to move into whole new product categories if we believe we have a contribution to make.

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Service Culture

“We have instilled a profound service culture in our company from top to bottom, front line to back office. Our service culture makes the total Price Experience special and unique. ” – Gerry Price

Training is a key element in our commitment to providing unparalleled technical assistance. Our team of engineers provide customized training programs for design engineers, contractors and building owners. Our application specialists provide in-house and on-site presentations, reviewing specific selection techniques and highlighting the unique features and performance benefits of Price products.

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