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Price FRFDP Series diffusers are designed to produce a low velocity, multi-directional air pattern. The perforated face of the diffuser is flush with the ceiling line for a continuous, pleasing architectural appearance. Fixed pattern control blades set at precise discharge angles provide effective directional air control with minimum resistance and noise generation.
An internal air baffle equalizes airflow and guides it to critical locations across the face of the diffuser. The face panel is removable from the room side via quarter-turn fasteners, providing access for optional damper adjustment or cleaning. The semi-cylindrical air pattern and low noise level of the FRFDP allow for selection at higher air volumes than conventional diffusers, making it suitable for laboratories, cleanrooms, medical facilities, and kitchens. Available in 2-way (full radial) and 1-way (half radial) airflow patterns.

  • Optional neck-mounted volume control damper is fabricated of coated steel with nickel-plated operators and finished in B12 white powder coat paint. Optional stainless steel damper is also available.
  • Suitable for use in either T-bar or surface mount applications.

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    "The Critical Environments Brochure covers the wide range of Price products available for Critical Environments as well as the resources and support Price offers related to Critical Environments. This brochure is designed for engineers and architects."

  • Critical Environments Engineering Guide

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  • Designing Overhead Air Distribution for Increased Occupant Thermal Comfort

    Engineer Focused Webinars

    March 2016 – Recent ASHRAE research has shown the impact of lower minimum air volumes by diffuser outlet type. The impact of these lower air volumes on the occupant and the energy consumption will be explored.

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