All-In-One For Engineers

Providing engineers with new levels of insight into Price products

Price All-In-One for Engineers calculates the performance of key products using lab verified equations from product lines including noise control, terminals, fan and blower coils, chilled beams, and grilles, registers, and diffusers. This software gives engineers the capability to generate product schedules for easy interaction with Price representatives and inclusion in the building design. The schedules can also be generated directly to Excel format for portability and integration with other applications.

Terminal Quick Entry

Our new terminal entry functionality is focused on speed and simplicity. The data entry process is streamlined with a responsive spreadsheet like grid. The customizable defaults built into All-In-One are used heavily to minimize manual effort. A selection can be made quickly by entering as little as just an airflow value.

Acoustic Analysis

Provides detailed noise modeling, prediction, installation details, specifications, reports, schedules and more.

All-In-One Capability

All-In-One for Engineers lets you access all of the Price product lines in one place, so there is no need for separate applications.

Installation Procedures

How to Install All-In-One 3

  • Download the  Prerequisite Installer>
  • When prompted, click Save. You may save the program to any folder on your system.
  • To run the installer, right-click the program icon and select Run as Administrator.

Warning: You must have administrative privileges to install the Prerequisite Installer. The installer will ensure that all required prerequisites are installed on your computer and give you the option to install the missing items.

* If you are experiencing issues when downloading the installers from Google Chrome, please try it from Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, sorry for the inconvenience.

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