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The Price RPN provides a means for measuring the relative pressure between the pressurized underfloor plenum and the room. The RPN is designed to fit inside any style of mounting ring underneath any Price modular floor diffuser. The advantage to the RPN is that it maintains a uniform look with other Price underfloor diffusers. Its ability to be hidden and yet maintain less than 1% error in its pressure measurements makes the RPN a very useful product for UFAD applications with plenum pressure control. The RPN comes with an integral pressure transducer that is highly accurate at the very low static pressures normally present in pressurized underfloor plenums.

  • 1/4" integrated pressure tap
  • Keyed edge to prevent spinning of diffuser under load
  • Shallow profile allows for use in underfloor plenums as shallow as 2"
  • Black finish allows the RPN to be visually hidden from the room side
  • Integral 24 VAC pressure transducer with 0-10 VDC output
  • Monitor relative plenum pressure through a floor diffuser for consistant look
  • Sensor is factory mounted on bottom of blank off
  • Ultra-low pressure operating range
  • Concealable under any Price Modular Floor Diffuser

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