Controls applications

Applications for Controls

Price Controls have been developed to the same exacting test standards as the other Price products which they are designed to complement. Here are just some of the applications where Price Controls work as part of a full system solution to provide superior air quality and performance.

New Single Duct - Multi Zone Averaging with PIC

  • Average multiple zone sensors in different spaces from Master PIC VAV controller
  • Main LCD thermostat used to adjust setpoint. PIC VAV controller will average all space temperatures to determine the overall demand

Remote Sensor Application

  • LCD thermostat comes with thermistor removed and acts as the interface
  • Displays the remote space sensor temperature
  • Setpoint adjustment made at LCD thermostat

Master/Drone Application with PIC Controllers

  • Master PIC controller gets wired to Drone controller using analog inputs and outputs
  • LCD thermostat will control both Master and Drone controllers

Note: PIC-SD controllers can be used in this application as well

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