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CO2/RH Thermostat (PIC-TS-CO2H)

This model is ideal for high occupancy areas where CO2 levels can potentially get high. With its LCD display, this thermostat has a variety of display options for room temperature, CO2 levels, and RH levels if required. Utilizing the built-in Purge Mode will control the CO2 in the space by introducing fresh air into the space or zone.

LCD Thermostat (PIC-TS-LCD)

This model measures room temperature and acts as a balancing stat and configuration tool all at once! Adjust the setpoint with the arrow keys or view basic operation with a press of the menu button. Parameter changes can be made by entering the Service Menu.

LCD Thermostat with Motion Sensor (PIC-TS-MOTION)

This model has all the same functionality of the LCD Thermostat but comes equipped with a motion sensor to sense occupancy. The motion sensor allows for automatic detection of occupancy during unoccupied times. Great for boardrooms or large spaces that are typically occupied then unoccupied throughout the day.

Dial Thermostat (PIC-TS-DIAL)

This model measures room temperature, featuring a dial for setpoint adjustment and an occupancy button. LED status light shows the status of the current operating mode (heating, cooling, deadband). LCD Setup tool can be used to adjust the pre-configured settings if required onsite.

Room Sensor Thermostat (PIC-TS-SENS)

This model acts as a true "tamper" proof thermostat. Measures room temperature with built-in 10kOhm thermistor. Setpoint can be set with the dial on the back prior to installation, or through software. LCD Setup tool can be used to adjust the pre-configured settings if required onsite.

Wireless Thermostat (PIC-TS-WIRELESS)

This model allows convenient wire-free placement on any surface in any room. A receiver LCD module is mounted close to the controller, while the transmitter Dial portion is mounted in the space and used to set the setpoint for the space. Communication is achieved via dip switches and an RF signal ranging up to 50 ft. Lithium-Ion batteries are provided for the Dial thermostat. Usage levels can be viewed when the controller is connected over MS/TP BACnet protocol.

  • All Price thermostats measure room temperature and establish temperature set points to limit minimum and maximum setpoints
  • Optional thermostat features: Setpoint adjustment, LCD screen interface, motion sensing, C02, and humidity sensing, wireless functionality

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