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BACnet MS/TP networks can be complex and contain devices from multiple manufacturers, which can make for difficult troubleshooting.

The BACnet Commissioning Tool (BCT) helps troubleshoot BACnet networks when communication between devices is not sufficient.  The BCT scans the network and determines which devices are active, which devices are responding slower than others and which devices are missing on a network segment altogether.

Troubleshooting becomes quick and easy with the intuitive BCT software interface, available for free download at

- BCT Software: Supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
- BCT Hardware: Adapter connects to an MS/TP network segment
- Status LEDs for MS/TP communication

Features +

  • Control Solution Overview


  • Controls Field Commissioning Services


    This brochure highlights the field commissioning services that are offered for projects where Price Controls are installed.

  • System Controls Glossary


    The System Controls Glossary provides definitions of commonly-used control system terminology.

  • System Controls Engineering Guide

    Engineering Guides

  • Controls

    Representative Project Lists

  • Terminal Units with Controls - International

    Representative Project Lists

    A representative list of International projects featuring Price Terminal Units with Price Controls.

  • BACnet Commissioning Tool


    The BACnet Commissioning Tool (BCT) monitors BACnet traffic to determine the network’s health. If needed, troubleshooting tactics are suggested to the user to assist in quickly determining the root cause of any network issues.

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