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Unitee CR Series was developed to provide the market with an attractive, functional ceiling system that prevents air leakage between the ceiling plenum and the occupied space below, thereby preventing the flow of contaminants into or out of the clean zone.
Hold-down clips press each ceiling panel tightly onto a special white vinyl gasket that is an integral part of the ceiling grid suspension members.
The entire ceiling, or any part of it, is easily removed and re-installed, providing access to mechanical and electrical equipment or for cleaning the space above the ceiling.

A major feature of Unitee CR Series is that it can be easily removed and re-installed, providing access to the plenum space. Occasionally mechanical or electrical equipment fail, requiring large areas of the ceiling to be removed. Some applications require that the entire ceiling be removed for cleaning the plenum space above the ceiling. Unitee CR Series uses the Price two-piece Universal Assembly Clips, which allow the grid to be easily removed and reinstalled.

  • Integral vinyl gasket prevents air leakage between the plenum and occupied space.
  • Steel hold-down clips secure the ceiling panels tight to gasketed grid member.
  • Unique grid connector clips facilitate rapid ceiling installation and allow ceiling members to be easily removed.
  • Entire ceiling is easily removed and re-installed, providing easy access to mechanical and electrical equipment in the plenum. Ceiling plenum can be easily cleaned by removing part or all of the ceiling system.
  • Design flexibility - several profiles to choose from, any module size available.
  • Extruded aluminum construction for clean, crisp lines, maximum durability and rust-proof performance. Choice of painted or anodized finishes.

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