‘Sample Tables’ Command

The sample tables command is a great place to get started working with our water coils functionality. This command will create a table which utilizes all of our water coil commands and custom functions to provide a starting point for coil configuration. Use the table as a basis to start customizing your own coil selection schedule, or as a tool to explore all of the water coil functionality we have to offer.

‘More Information’ Pane

Want to reach out with Feedback or support questions? The ‘More Information’ Pane will connect you to this information, as well as comprehensive details about how to use all of our functions and commands.


The ‘Price Industries’ tab in the Price Engineer Toolkit for Excel allows you to easily cycle through all available Price Water Coils options. We’ve included Models, Sizes, Solution Methods, Casing Types and Coil Types. Making it easy for you to explore anything you need.


Use our custom functions in your own spreadsheets just like you would built-in excel functions like “SUM’ or “COUNT”. Our custom functions connect you directly to our catalogued performance data and calculations given you accurate performance numbers in real-time based on your own product configurations.

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