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The Price DDS is a compact, standard mixing dual duct terminal unit, ideal for projects with space limitations and normal sound and mixing requirements. The terminal unit precisely regulates the flow of conditioned air to a room or zone in response to thermostat demand for cooling or heating. With three individual airflow sensors, located in both inlets and the outlet, the DDS provides flexibility when selecting a control sequence to maximize efficiency in virtually any application.
Sound-sensitive applications that require further discharge attenuation can make use of a discharge attenuator or a silencer. Terminals and noise control equipment are tested in Price’s own NVLAP-accredited laboratory (NVLAP Lab Code 200874-0) to ensure the highest quality of manufacturing and performance.

  • Gasketed damper and mechanically sealed, 22 GA. casing for minimal leakage
  • Integral mixing baffles
  • Separate hot/cold inlet airflow sensors, and downstream total flow sensor
  • Labelled hot and cold deck location for ease of installation 

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