Engineer Focused Webinars

Electrified VAV Terminal Systems April 2024 | PTP 4200: This presentation explores trends in electrifying and decarbonizing built environments and their effects on VAV system design. Heat pump systems, increasingly prevalent in new and retrofit projects, are surpassing electric reheat and traditional high-temperature gas boilers. It analyzes their impacts on traditional terminal heat exchangers and offers recommendations for improving HVAC system performance through better design, selection, and control of terminal units.
Sizing Single Duct & Fan Powered VAV Boxes March 2023 | PTP 4115: This webinar will review best practices and rules of thumb for sizing single duct terminals, fan powered terminals, hot water reheat coils, and electric reheat coils. Additionally, we will review tools and strategies that help streamline the engineering design process and minimize submittal review.
Price Engineer Toolkit for Excel October 2021: Learn how you can enhance Microsoft® Excel® based schedules with new functions that deliver auto-sizing and accurate performance data. Currently available for our Terminal Units, Water Coils and GRD products.
Optimizing Terminal Unit Hot Water Reheat June 2021 | PTP 4170: Learn the difference between airside/waterside capacity equations and manufacturer’s performance calculations, and how this difference leads to challenges during the submittal process for everyone. Also discuss the business case for specifying factory mounted valve packages and optimal scheduling and selecting of hot water terminal reheat.
Series Fan Powered DOAS Terminals March 2018 | PTP 4111: In this webinar, various examples are used to describe (1) how Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems overcome the limitations of traditional VAV approaches, (2) design and control considerations to effectively utilize DOAS, and (3) features of the fan powered DOAS unit which uniquely impact performance.
Delivering Quiet, Affordable Systems using Fan Powered VAV Boxes September 2014 | PTP 4312: The location and layout of fan powered terminals with sound in mind reduces the system cost. Specifying sound and comparing VAV terminals can be an arduous task. This webinar addresses the issues around designing and selection for appropriate sound levels with affordable solutions.
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