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The FDU is a low profile fan terminal designed specifically for underfloor applications. This unit provides forced air to a space, independent of plenum static pressure. The FDU is well suited for perimeter zones and spaces with rapid changes in demand such as large conference rooms and training rooms.

The FDU is available in various sizes and configurations in order to meet any application need. In cooling mode, plenum air is pulled through the fan and delivered to the perimeter to meet envelope loads. In heating mode, hot water or electric reheat coils can be used to warm the air up to meet heating demand.

In interior spaces, the fan terminal can be ducted to supply grilles or used to pressurize a small sub-plenum. The fan terminal will ramp up and down to meet the space cooling requirement.


  • Top access panel
  • 20 gauge casing
  • Solid state speed controller for adjusting airflow
  • 1/2 in. fiberglass insulation

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