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Price DR360 Series displacement diffusers are designed to produce a low turbulence horizontal air supply in a 360° pattern. Typically installed free-standing away from the wall, the DR360 discharges air evenly across its perforated face. The cool air then drops to the floor and gently floats outward along the floor. This appealing diffuser meshes seamlessly into any décor and can be installed where units are conventionally not possible, due to architectural reasons or room size. The superior air quality and low noise levels realized with the DR360 make it suitable for office space, hotels, convention centers, schools or any application where air quality demands are high.

  • Top or bottom inlet options
  • Ships with protective film on face and inlet

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    The Displacement Ventilation Brochure covers the wide range of Price products available for displacement ventilation, as well as the resources and support Price offers related to displacement ventilation. This brochure is designed for engineers and architects.

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    The Displacement Ventilation Architectural Portfolio is intended to showcase the custom design and architectural integration capabilities of Price displacement products.

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    This case study library highlights several projects using Price’s Displacement Ventilation or Underfloor Air Distribution products including: • San Francisco Airport Terminal 2 • JE Dunn Construction Headquarters • Legacy Junior High School • Manitoba Hydro Place • Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts • RBC Centre • Banner Health Center Maricopa • “Foundation Headquarters” • California ISO Headquarters

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    Displacement ventilation is an air distribution technology that introduces cool air into a zone at low velocity, usually also at a low level.

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  • Displacement Ventilation

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    A representative list of projects across various geographical territories, organized by application type.

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