March 2017, Volume 23    

By Matt Bhumbla, Product Manager - Underfloor Systems DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

Price Fan Column with housing and mixing box exposed

Price’s Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) team, with the support of Price Mechanical, is proud to release the Price Fan Column unit for underfloor applications.

The Price Fan Column (PFC) is a vertical fan unit designed to discharge into a raised access floor plenum. This compact unit is the perfect choice for any office environment, designed to minimize the mechanical room footprint and maximize usable floor space. The PFC provides localized air handling, which helps to reduce the air shaft to a size equivalent to a fresh air only system. These benefits make the PFC an ideal solution for next-generation spaces seeking flexibility and efficient space utilization.

The PFC is configured in three sections to prioritize versatility, access and acoustic performance:

  1. The Mixing Box Section is the most versatile section of the PFC as it can be arranged and modified to fit any application.
  2. The Fan Section includes a direct drive plenum fan inside the insulated double wall housing with a factory mounted VFD and control enclosure.
  3. The Discharge Section can be provided in multiple discharge patterns based on location and restrictions. The height dimensions can be tailored to match the plenum height. An acoustical pyramid is integrated for superior sound performance.

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  • Compact Design: Reduce mechanical room size by 30% or more compared to compartmental units.
  • Capacity Range: Seven unit sizes with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 17,500 cfm.
  • Convenient Access: Fan assembly on rollers for easy access.
  • Enhanced Acoustical Performance: Heavy gauge steel frame, fully insulated cabinet and acoustical pyramid discharge section ensure quiet operation.
  • Variable Flow: Modulated the fan speed using VFD to control plenum pressure.
  • Demand Control Ventilation (DCV): CO2 based ventilation control can optimize energy use.
  • Discharge Flow Monitoring: Optional piezometer ring measures the total air volume being supplied through the PFC to ultimately provide tight and efficient building control.

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